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How to Get Lucky with Your Health

Luck is when preparation meets oportunity!  We want to give you some valuable information so that you can be prepared to make better decisions concerning your health.  Also, chiropractic is an amazing opportunity to take your heatlh, to the #NextLevel.


Chiro Law of Attraction

The Law that brings you health in all aspects of your life.  What are the ingredients for a healthy brain and body?  The six steps we outline here will give the formula to help you take your health, to the #NextLevel.


Technology vs. Posture

Technology has changed our world, but technology has also changed our posture. Because of computers and phones we are living a different lifestyle that is having an affect on our posture and in turn our health. 


Spinal Degeneration

Entropy states that it is inevitable that all systems deteriorate over time.  And when it comes to you and your spine, we want it to move as freely as possible for as long as possible. That's why its so important to get adjusted and keep your health, at the #NextLevel.


Adjustment Noise

When you get adjusted, what is that noise really.  When a joint moves, its called a cavitation and makes that funny noise like when you crack your knuckles. Its like little air bubbles, and your not afraid of air bubbles are you?  Each adjustment builds on the last and lets show you how to take your health to the #NextLevel.


The Beerbelly

What happens to the underlying muscles, ligaments, and structure of your low back if you put on extra weight.  It has damaging effect on the nerves in your low back and can interfere with the nerve flow of your spinal system. This is why we specialize in posture analysis and posture correction.


Back 2 School

Going back to school is lot like going back to reality.  And when everything changes, it can cause additional stress on our bodies.  And what we specialize in is working with your body to correct the underlying issues so your body can adapt better to stress. Thats why it's so important to get checked and take your health, to the #NextLevel.


How Far Will You Take Your Care

We all want the very best for our health! We all want relief from pain. I know how you feel. But what we've found is that if you do the right things to get things corrected, its a lot easier to maintain down the road. Let us show you how to live a wellness lifestyle.


Feeling vs Function

Research shows that only 10% of our nervous system percieves pain, that's because the other 90% is running the day to day functions of our body.  This analogy asks the question, How are you judging your health? Health can be defined as 100% function.  Lets get you functioning at the #NextLevel.



One of my favorite posters shows the different cycles or seasons of life.  I love this picture because it helps to put things in perspective for us. And when we have a better perspective, we make better decisions. We want to encourage you to live life at the #NextLevel.


Take and Active Role in Your Care

Let us show you ten different ways to get better results with your care in the office. These health tips will help you get the most out of each adjustment. If you follow these tips you'll get results quicker and results that last longer as well.


Chiropractic Philosophy

In one of our first webinars we talked about the anatomy of the brain and nervous system. If your back is out of alignment, it restricts the nerve flow and produces negative symptoms.  Since we live our life through our nervous system, lets try and keep it free from interference and take your health, to the #NextLevel.

Kelly Helm

"In the shortest amount of time, I saw great improvement. I no longer suffer from regular migraines! It was so gratifying to see my posture improvement. You walk into the door and everyone’s always smiling. Health Quest is the best place in town, I just love it there.

Issac Sjobolm

Right away I started to feel better and my chronic headaches went away immediately. I definitely recommend Dr. Wiseth."
-Issac Sjobolm

Crystal Lee

"I used to get headaches everyday, now I’m no longer dealing with them. Health Quest is a different environment than I’ve ever experienced before. I feel welcome and educated when I come into the office.

Megan Mitterling

After a severe car accident I broke my pelvis and vertebrae and suffered a lot of back pain. After seeing Dr. Wiseth, I feel much better! I feel healthier and more confident. Health Quest is happy place to be. I tell everyone to come see Dr. Wiseth, he has helped me out a lot!

Brian Wurtzel

The technology is one of the best things about Health Quest. Everyone in the office knows me by name, that’s something I value

Will Leetch

I was having severe pains through my rib cage, sharp pains in my lower back when I would bend down, it felt like I could hardly take a breathe anymore. After seeing Dr. Wiseth, my body feels so good! I feel a million times better, this is the real deal!

Nina Smith

I used to get daily pounding headaches and now their truly gone! I love the atmosphere and at Health Quest, the girls greet me by name. I recommend to go see Dr. Wiseth!

Dave Rist

I do a lot of hard labor and Dr. Wiseth has really helped to bring my pain way down. It’s a different feel at Health Quest, it’s fun! I wish I could come everyday! I’m absolutely grateful, Dr. Wiseth and staff is fantastic!

Mike Hagen

When I sleep, I no longer toss and turn. It’s really remarkable how more comfortable I sleep, it’s amazing! I’m able to lead a better life overall. I like to tell other people to come to Health Quest, the whole experience of the office is just great.

Denise Yonke

I am so impressed with the level of service and care we get at Health Quest Family Chiropractic! Dr. Steve, Mya, and Ariel are wonderful to work with, welcoming, accommodating, and I always feel better after my appointment. I love the fact they include my daughters in our visits. The girls are always looking forward to our next visit. Health Quest has really made a difference in our lives.

Brandi Malwitz

I sleep better, I’m happier, and it’s improved my mood. I’m not in as much pain anymore.

Cole Larson

I wake up in the morning with more energy and more productivity during the day.

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