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If a picture is worth a thousand words, lets take a picture of your spine with our PostureScreens so you too can, "sleep better, stand and walk for longer periods of time, and just generally feel better." Come learn why others say, "I love the atmosphere, I love the environment, and how we do miracles, its fantastic."

Be Well Taken Care Of

No matter what your health challenges are, even if you've been "doctoring for many years", or "have been all over the country" looking for help, give us a try. We focus on finding the underlying cause of your symptoms. We have created a culture to make our patients, "know that they are going to be well taken care of," and to show you how to take your health, to the #NextLevel.


Feel Better About Yourself

We love doing those PostureScreens because its a cool and quick way to see whats going on. And a lot of us out there are in tough shape, with a lot of room for improvement. Lets help you, "be more aware of your posture, have way less backaches, and feel better about yourself."


Neck Pain & Headaches

If your are having pain in your neck and headaches, we have got to see if we can help. Since we specialize in posture correction, we can help improve forward head posture so your, "head sits up like a normal person." If you want to be, "not as crabby" lets see what posture correction can do for you.


Diffuse Idopathic Skeletal Hyperorstosis

Commonly referred to as DISH, is a when the ligaments that support the spine fuse together to severly reduce spinal range of motion. Even with this degenerative arthritic disease, chiropractic still works! Lets see what chiropractic can do for you to, "start to enjoy life more," and take your health to the #NextLevel.


Get Results That Stick

To get the results you really want, we have to retrain the muscles and ligaments. Health is a process not an event. Since we focus on posture correction, you "get an adjustment that stays!" Most of our patients are sent in by families and friends because, "when you find a good thing, you stick with it."


Slept Wrong

Have you ever woke up in the morning with a stiff or sore neck? It's inevitable that things like this happen in our lives. If your feeling like, "enough is enough," get adjusted. If you want to, "sleep easier, have no more headaches," and feel like, "life is easier," lets see if, chiropractic is right for you!


Stand Up Straighter

After starting care, many patients find that they are able to have better posture and, "stand up straighter." After going through care a lot of patients look at their posture comparison and, "it looks like a different person." Chiropactic is so amazing that many patients state, "I just feel so much healthier and stronger." No matter how old you are, get checked, and see if chiropractic can help.


My Shoulders Can Move Again

When your head goes forward, it puts extra stress on your neck, upper back, and even between the shoulder blades. Since we specialize in posture correction, "Shoulders move better." If your having headaches or are tense in your shoulder blades, "come see Dr. Steve so he can fix you up."


No More Migraines, Better Sleep

If you have ever had "pounding migraines". Lets see if chiropractic is right for you. Since we specialize in posture correction, we are able to help you, "stand up straighter, and walk with your head a lot higher." If you want, "No Headaches, and to sleep a lot better," lets see if we can help take your health and sleep habits, to the #Nextlevel.


Threw Out My Back

Have you ever been doing things around the house and threw out your back? Have you ever been in car accident? Whatever your symptoms are, we want to be able to "help with the pain, but also help you be more aware of your movements and your posture."


Chiropractic Care for Families

Technology has changed our world, but it has also changed our posture. Since kids use a lot of technology even in school, its important to get your kids checked to make sure nothing is developing abnormally. Chiropractic is for everyone, even your kids. Take a look at how we can take the health of your entire family, to the #NextLevel.


Heavy Lifting & Hard Labor

If you want, "everything at work to just go better all together," lets see what chiropractic can do for you. If you want to "sleep a lot better, and wake up feeling fully rested," Lets see if chiropractic is right for you. "Come in and try it, what do you got to lose?"


Dizziness & Vertigo

How can chiropractic help with these symptoms? Our adjustments and postural corrections help to "take the burden off of your shoulders." When your spine is in proper alignment, everything works so much better. Lets see if chiropractic is right for you.


Never Been To A Chiropractor

Even if you've never been adjusted, learn how others have gained, "more of an open opinion on trying chiropractic." When you get the results you want, your outlook changes. We have helped so many patients improve with thier, "abilty to sleep, get comfortable at night, headaches are less, and feel less stressed." We just want to see if chiropractic is right for you. 


Migraines ... Completely Gone!

"I had a lot of problems with my neck, the muscles were really tight, I kept getting migraines, and I didn't know how to fix it." After getting adjusted in our office, "Migraines are just about completely gone, Its incredible!" "I don't have to leave work now, I don't have to go to bed with pills, I'm able to tuck my kids in at night."


Feel A Million Times Better

Even if you feel like, "a mess," its better to start care sooner than later. With our unique, corrective care approach, so many of our patients state, "I feel like i'm 18 years old again." We strive to help all of our patients take thier health to the #NextLevel and thats why they say, "this is the real deal!"


Sleep Better, Have More Energy!

"I originally head a lot of headaches, I couldn't sleep very well at night either. Ever since I started here, Headaches are gone and I've been able to sleep a lot better, and my energy has definatley improved." These benefits are some of the most common things we see in our office. If you want to sleep better and have more energy, isn't it obvious, #GetAdjusted


No More Headaches!

"No More Headaches, It's so nice! I would get them every day, and now there is none, I sleep so much better, I have been going to sleep earlier, I just feel much better, I've been more active, and EVERYTHING is so much better." Wow! All from getting adjusted! Amazing!


Don't Just Cover up Your Symptoms

Are just patching it up? Drugs and Medications can have a damaging effect on the systems of your body. We don't want your body to be, "beyond the age that it should be." Chiropractic adjustments are a safe and natural form of healthcare. Let us help you improve the function and posture of your spine so you can have, "a lot less headaches, and don't have to take as much advil."


Get to a Chiropractor as soon as you can.

"I was in a lot of pain and I had to quit my job because of it. I couldn't work at all. But now that i'm well again, and I don't have to live like that, I'm planning on going back to work." If you are having back pain that is holding you back from work, "get to a chiropractor as soon as you can."


Is the Daily Grind Getting To You?

Its so easy to get caught up in the routine of life. No matter what you do for work or the activities your involved in, we just want to see if we can help. If your a runner, learn how we can help you,"run further now becuase there isn't as much tension now and I'm comforable and feel great." Let us help with the daily grind and take your health, to the #NextLevel.


I Can Sleep Better at Night!

After finally coming into the office, and getting things corrected, "My neck, ... , I can sleep better at night!" You would be surprised at how many people say that. And if you sleep better, you have more energy. And if we have more energy, we get more done and can improve the quality of our lives. Take your health to the #NextLevel, #GetAdjusted


Overwhelming Sense of Relief

What is it like to get adjusted? Many of our patients state that getting adjusted is a, "huge relief in the pressure and tension in the neck." After going through care and getting your posture corrected, its possible to be, "straight as an arrow." Most patients look forward to their appointments because, "as soon as i get adjusted, I can feel that, overwhelming sense of relief."


Feel Better, Sleep Better!

So many of our patients stat that, "I feel better and I sleep better, and I don't have headaches no more." By getting adjusted and improving your posture, its amazing to see how your body can heal. If we can do a great job to get things corrected, it is a lot easier to maintain and keep your symptoms away.


Sleep More Comfortable

If you have old sports injuries that had never gotten take care of, lets see what we can do to help. There are so many benefits of getting adjusted but so many of our patients state, "I can rest and not toss and turn, it's really remarkable how much more comfortable I sleep, It's amazing!" If you sleep better, your going to have more energy and focus. We just want to see if chiropractic is right for you.


Less Pressure on my Back

Even if you have a "bad back" and there is a "lot of room for improvment," lets see if chiropractic can help. Chirorpactic adjustments remove the restrictions in your spine and improve your range of motion. That's why many patients state that they have, "Less stress on my back, less stress on my neck, I feel as if I can actually move more."


WOW, I can actually turn my head

"Due to a car accident, I couldn't turn my head. And now, I can turn my head like this, and like that, and I can see much better." Chiropractic adjustments remove the spinal misalignments and restrictions and can greatly improve your cervical range of motion.


Back Surgery & Spinal Fusion

Even if you have had some extra hardware installed, we can still find a way to help. Chiropractic care is highly diversified and we use a modern approach with cutting edge technology to help you improve your posture and take your health, to the #NextLevel.


Don't Procrastinate With Your Health

We love to see patients get results with their posture. "I looked like a humpback before, and now i'm standing up straight." Chiropractic care is amazing, start to enjoy the benefits today. Many patients that start care, "wish they would have came in earlier." Let us show you how we can help improve your posture, and take your health, to the #NextLevel.


Car Accident

What happens to your posture when you get in a car crash? This case is a perfect example of the devistating affects that car crashes have on the muscles and ligaments of your back. Chiropractic care focuses on retraining the muscles and ligaments to get them corrected so you too can, "stand up straighter."


I Can Breathe Easier

"The first improvement I noticed is that i'm able to breathe easier, I don't think that I was able to take a full breath before, and now it feels like I can breathe easier. Even just sitting and walking, I feel like I have more mobility. And i'm also not so much of a hunchback anymore."


Battling Headaches

"Before I came here, I was battling headaches almost on a daily basis, and since being here, I've noticed my headache rate has dropped sufficiently and are a lot more mild. I'm not in pain all day." Getting adjusted can truly do wonders, "give it a try, come in and see Dr. Steve, its a good time!"


I Can Sit Up Straight!

"I was in so much pain, I could hardly walk! My posture was bad, and Dr. Steve really fixed me up. I've learned a lot about how to take care of my back, and my whole body really. I can sit up straight now, before i was all slouched down. I think this is just a tremendous place to be!" Don't wait until your in pain, be proactive with your health, let us, take your health, to the #NextLevel.


I Can Do More Things

A lot of people experience "tingling in the hands and arms." This is often indicative of pressure on the nerves. After getting adjusted and removing the nerve interference, "It's much better now." Lets see how chiropractic can help you, "do more things, without the pain." Chiropractic is amazing and we want to help you take your health, to the #NextLevel.


Get Through The Day!

"I couldn't make it through an 8 hour day without a lot of pain, and enough was enough." After getting adjusted and getting to the underlying causes of my problems, "I no longer have the headaches, and my neck strain and back strain are tremendously reduced." If you want to be more productive and efficient, let us help you, take your health, to the #NextLevel.



"I had a lot of pain across my shoulders, and a lot of unneccesary headaches. I have fewer headaches, less back strain, and now I walk upright. I have less body stress from the top of my head all the way down to my toes." If you want less stress in your life, come in and #GetAdjusted.


Back Don't Hurt No More

Before starting care, "I had a lot of tenseness in my shoulders, my neck hurt, I had a lot of lower back pain. After getting adjusted, "I feel lighter, my back don't hurt no more, I can run more freely, and my shoulders always feel good." If you want to finally get out of pain, lets just see if chiropractic is right for you.


Improve Your Posture

Before coming into the office, "I was suffering from migraine headaches, I was fatigued, I was sort of stooped over, and generally lethargic." After getting adjusted, "My posture has improved a lot and I don't have as many headaches." With improved posture is improved health; "I have more energy, and I am more alert."


Room For Improvment

Before starting care we took a quick look at posture and, "It was awful." A lot of people out there are in tough shape, that's why we love doing those PostureScreens to educate the public. Lets take a closer look today and see if wee can help so you too, can feel, "a lot better!"


Numbness and Tingling Gone

Before starting care, I had all kinds of, "back problems, thumb problems, and everything out of align." After getting my posture corrected, "I stand straighter, and am not as slouched down so much." When your posture improves, your health improves. Lets see if chiropractic is right for you, and help you, take your health, to the #NextLevel.


Hurting From Head to Toe

Many patients that come into the office state that they are hurting all over and that we gotta fix, "all of it!" Let us show you how you can have, "not have as much pain in your back and stand up straighter." We just want to see if chiropractic is right for you.


Wake Up With More Energy!

If you want to, "wake up with more energy, and be more productive," lets see what we can do for you. Chiropractic adjustments remove stress from your life and can help you be, "more upbeat." We are on a mission to help as many families, kids, and athletes as possible, take thier health, to the #NextLevel.


Improve Your Balance!

Is your back in alignment? How do you know? The only way to know, is to get checked. Before starting care i was having, "trouble with my back, that was out of line for years." After stopping the cycle of pain, and fixing my back and posture, "My balance is a bit better, quite a bit better." Lets see what chiropractic can do for you and take your health, to the #NextLevel.

Kelly Helm

"In the shortest amount of time, I saw great improvement. I no longer suffer from regular migraines! It was so gratifying to see my posture improvement. You walk into the door and everyone’s always smiling. Health Quest is the best place in town, I just love it there.

Issac Sjobolm

Right away I started to feel better and my chronic headaches went away immediately. I definitely recommend Dr. Wiseth."
-Issac Sjobolm

Crystal Lee

"I used to get headaches everyday, now I’m no longer dealing with them. Health Quest is a different environment than I’ve ever experienced before. I feel welcome and educated when I come into the office.

Megan Mitterling

After a severe car accident I broke my pelvis and vertebrae and suffered a lot of back pain. After seeing Dr. Wiseth, I feel much better! I feel healthier and more confident. Health Quest is happy place to be. I tell everyone to come see Dr. Wiseth, he has helped me out a lot!

Brian Wurtzel

The technology is one of the best things about Health Quest. Everyone in the office knows me by name, that’s something I value

Will Leetch

I was having severe pains through my rib cage, sharp pains in my lower back when I would bend down, it felt like I could hardly take a breathe anymore. After seeing Dr. Wiseth, my body feels so good! I feel a million times better, this is the real deal!

Nina Smith

I used to get daily pounding headaches and now their truly gone! I love the atmosphere and at Health Quest, the girls greet me by name. I recommend to go see Dr. Wiseth!

Dave Rist

I do a lot of hard labor and Dr. Wiseth has really helped to bring my pain way down. It’s a different feel at Health Quest, it’s fun! I wish I could come everyday! I’m absolutely grateful, Dr. Wiseth and staff is fantastic!

Mike Hagen

When I sleep, I no longer toss and turn. It’s really remarkable how more comfortable I sleep, it’s amazing! I’m able to lead a better life overall. I like to tell other people to come to Health Quest, the whole experience of the office is just great.

Denise Yonke

I am so impressed with the level of service and care we get at Health Quest Family Chiropractic! Dr. Steve, Mya, and Ariel are wonderful to work with, welcoming, accommodating, and I always feel better after my appointment. I love the fact they include my daughters in our visits. The girls are always looking forward to our next visit. Health Quest has really made a difference in our lives.

Brandi Malwitz

I sleep better, I’m happier, and it’s improved my mood. I’m not in as much pain anymore.

Cole Larson

I wake up in the morning with more energy and more productivity during the day.

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